Henan Win Win Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd

Henan Win Win Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd

PVC Resin Manufacturer and Other Chemicals Supplier in China
About us

HENAN WIN WIN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a comprehensive company involved in the developing new industry technology and manufacturing and international trading business for years. The effective integration of resources and highly inspiritment of employee and sensitive market consciousness build us the multi product structure and operation superiority in local and in international market.

Our company was set up in 1980s as the biggest stated-own chemical produce base in HENAN province. The primary mission of building up this company at that time is to supply basic chemical material for the economic developing and enhancing of living standard.,  Along with the economic developing of whole country in past thirty years, we have expanded to a modern and huge company group, with more than 300 workers in factory engaged in manufacturing, packing and 100 manager employees in office engaged in the designing,  and transportation and updating the technology. The stock and ownership reforming in 2000 year brings more power and opportunity to us.

Our mission is to join the production chain of client, enhance the production efficiency of client and lower the costs. Quality products and prompt delivery is not enough to finish the mission, recently years, we pay big attention to the feedback and suggestion from client and improve our productivity accordingly.In spite of market fluctuations, the company is reporting steady and dynamic progress year after year. Thanks to our philosophy of believing in team spirit, quality consciousness, innovative approach, market awareness and foresightedness, we have established a name of repute amongst our domestic and international clientele.

We have established an extensive global network of business. We have years of experience in foreign trade, with a high-quality management team pursuing unmatched trust and top-quality service-giving priority to efficiency, innovation, and practical business ideas, thereby possessing favorable conditions for business cooperation and extensive business opportunities with customers around the world.